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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  June 30, 2014 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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appreciate your time. we'll join you again at 6:00. welcome to "world news." tonight the perfect storm, millions hitting the road this week and tonight severe weather, the storms hitting now, the tornado worries, this one caught on tape. and now the other concern, gas prices spiking for the 4th. the other nightmare for drivers, a new and massive recall from g.m. tonight, the stock suddenly halted on wall street. when will this end? the breaking headline on women's health tonight, one of the most important annual exams and this evening the big change coming. abc's dr. jenn ashton right here. the showdown, the dramatic video caught on tape, the trucker and the police officer going at it. >> you were driving recklessly and you were on your cell phone. >> what the trucker says he caught the cop doing. whose side are you on?
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good evening, in for diane. it's great to have you with us on a monday night. 45 million americans are watching the sky tonight, bracing for that severe weather. this is the scene on the ground, one driver braving this white knuckle commute, a highway in iowa an obstacle course. then the hail in the heartland the size of baseballs on this last day of june. look at this. more of that surveillance video we just showed you you the moment of impact as on ef-1 tornado tears right through wisconsin. let's get right to the radar this hour. this is the trouble spot right now. they're watching for storms from texas all the way to michigan. meteorologist ginger zee standing by here with that and the possible tropical storm now brewing. first abc's clayton sandell in the middle of it all tonight. >> reporter: ominous skies brought whipping rain and hail to des moines today. knocking down trees. near stewart, iowa, one of at least two reported tornados today tore the roof off of this house.
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the ground, already saturated, is giving way near mt. vernon, iowa swallowing cars. >> i never thought i'd ever see sink holes around here. this is scary. >> there's water everywhere. >> reporter: millions in the storm zone are nervously watching warning after warning. in fair fax, iowa, a man was killed when a building collapsed. in chicago tonight more than 250 flights are cancelled as the storm moves in. in colfax, wisconsin, calm to chaos, a tornado blasting 90 mile per hour winds through this parking lot over the weekend -- debris swirling in every direction. and in seconds, it's gone. tonight there are flood warnings across this region and you can see the rivers are running high. normally this staircase would lead down to a pleasant walkway along the des moines river, but tonight it's just a short-cut right to the water, that entire water way completely submerged. david? >> completely vanishing. what a mess. thank you.
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i want to bring in ginger and get back to that hot spot you're tracking right now. >> we watched that beast start this morning in eastern nebraska. let me take you to what happened in the last 12 hours. you see all the storm reports in the blue and green dots. they blew across iowa evolving into more than 100 storm reports. check that out. a severe thunderstorm watch, a particularly dangerous situation for the commute tonight from milwaukee to chicago to south bend. that's just tonight. tomorrow the risk goes from buffalo to arkansas. >> what about the system that could become a tropical storm? >> as if this wasn't enough we've got to look to the southeast. we are watching development of scattered thunderstorms off the coast of florida. this is on the verge of becoming a tropical depression. in the next two days it has an 80% shot. >> will it affect the 4th? >> that's the question. here we go through the weekend. let me take you to the potential tracks of the storm. if it becomes a tropical depression it will move up and you see all those lines? it will coast across the can carolinas.
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certainly some rain potentially very heavy, wind and the rough surf. rip current will be an issue. >> i'll see you tomorrow morning on "gma." in the morning time, if it's not the weather it's the gas prices tonight. with 41 million americans traveling this week, so many eyes on spiking prices rising for 16 straight days. tonight the average price of a gallon of gas, $3.70, 21 cents more than this time last year. we'll be tracking the numbers through the 4th. now that breaking headline about general motors today, the troubled auto maker announcing another major recall. 7.6 million cars involved. that means g.m. has recalled nearly three times the number of cars it sold during all of last year. this newest scare halting the trading of g.m.'s stock on wall street for a time and tonight we ask when will this end. abc's chief business correspondent rebecca jarvis. >> reporter: tonight, a devastating blow for america's largest automaker. general motors announcing yet another round of recalls linked to the faulty ignition switch, bringing this year's tally to nearly 29 million, the most cars
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recalled by a single car company in a year ever. ceo mary barra has vowed since the start to make it right. >> i am working day and night to make sure that we correct this issue, we've learned from it, and it never happens again. >> reporter: also announcing it will pay a staggering $1.2 billion in the second quarter to cover the recall. slamming brakes on g.m.'s stock, shares closing down one percent. all this as ken feinberg who is overseeing the fund for the victims of ignition recall linked to at least 13 deaths announced there will be no cap >> g.m. basically has said whatever it costs to pay all eligible claims under the protocol, they will pay it. >> reporter: still tonight a long road ahead for g.m. the car maker facing a criminal investigation by the federal government and a new civil lawsuit filed just this afternoon accusing g.m. of intentionally concealing defects and putting human lives at risk in order to boost the bottom line. this is far from over.
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>> rebecca, thank you. now to washington to a fiery message from president obama involving immigration reform. republicans firing back, and we have reported here on the surge of young immigrants, children, crossing into the u.s. from mexico, often without their parents. today the president spoke directly to the american people but he also put congress on notice, saying if you don't vote on immigration reform, he will take executive action instead. abc's senior white house correspondent jim avila just back from the border. and we wanted to know how much power does the president really have? >> reporter: we saw it ourselves, our cameras along with the border patrol as they confront the surge of central american mothers and children overrunning south texas, right into the arms of agents, pleading for sanctuary. a frustrated president obama calling these crowded cells filled with young children a humanitarian crises that can only be fixed by immigration reform. today announcing he can't wait on the republican house anymore.
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>> i'm beginning a new effort to fix as much of our immigration system as i can on my own without congress. >> reporter: the first executive action, a border surge, deploying all available agents to the southern frontier. democrats have been demanding the president act alone, but the gop is threatening to sue obama, alleging he's again overstepping the constitution. >> the president continues to ignore laws that he signed into law, violating his oath of office. >> reporter: the president says his staff is devising a plan that will fix part of the immigration system by the end of summer. the sources are telling abc news you can expect the president to cut way back on deportation. that, david, will be controversial. >> jim avila live at the white house. thank you. around the world tonight to that troubling headline from israel in the case of three missing teenagers, one of them a u.s. citizen. tonight authorities believe
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those boys are now dead, found not far from where they disappeared. this evening a blistering salvo from israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. abc's chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz live in our washington bureau watching this closely. martha, what's coming here? >> reporter: the grief and outrage over these murders tonight in israel is extraordinary. the boys' bodies were found under a pile of rocks in an open field. the three boys disappeared from a hitchhiking stop in the west bank town of hebron. among them that dual israeli/american citizen, 126 -- 16-year-old nef tally frankel whose family came from brooklyn. the abductions prompted one of israel's largest search and security operations in more than a decade. the palestinian militant group hamas was quickly blamed for the abductions. 400 palestinians were arrested
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hamas denies involvement but tonight prime minister benjamin netanyahu saying they were abducted and murdered in cold blood by human animals. hamas is responsible and hamas will pay." whatever the israeli response, these horrific murders have cleared dimmed any hopes for progress on a peace agreement in a country already on edge. david? >> a horrible headline. martha, thank you. late word on iraq tonight as well. president obama saying he will send 300 more u.s. troops to iraq to protect americans and the embassy in baghdad. the move bringing the number of american troops up to about 750. now to that major ruling from the supreme court affecting millions of american women. it comes down to whether an employer can deny coverage for contraception because of religious beliefs. one company fought and today they won. abc's terry moran at the supreme court. >> reporter: a victory today at the supreme court for many deeply religious americans and for the corporations they own
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like hobby lobby, the arts-and-crafts store founded 44 years ago by the green family in oklahoma. >> our faith was very important in our starting this company. >> reporter: so when the affordable care act became law and required companies to provide contraceptives in their healthcare policies, the greens objected, not to all contraception but to those methods they believe end a human life. obamacare, hobby lobby claimed, restricted their religious liberty. but does a for-profit corporation have religious liberty? yes, the supreme court said today, in a 5-4 decision, at least those closely held corporations with just a few owners like hobby lobby. corporations are people, justice samuel alito wrote, and when rights are extended to corporations, the purpose is to protect the rights of these people. thousands of american businesses are closely held corporations like hobby lobby including in-n-out burger, chik-fil-a, and forever 21. justice ruth bader ginsburg, writing for the court's liberals, including its three
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women, wrote an impassioned dissent warning that many religious corporate owners might now seek to opt out of all kinds of laws. what if corporate owners opposed vaccinations, or antidepressants or blood transfusions as some religious people do? "the court, i fear, has ventured into a minefield," ginsberg wrote. justice alito dismissed that notion but justice ginsburg and many women around the country feel that this ruling could limit women's access to affordable contraceptive healthcare, but the court did propose a solution to that. instead of asking employers with religious objections to pay, the taxpayer could pick up the tab. david? >> terry, thanks. to another breaking headline involving women and their health tonight. this involves a visit to the doctor many make every year. it's about one exam in particular tonight, the pelvic exam. we have reported here before on "world news" on another big change, that was for pap smears. instead of every year, the new recommendation every three years. tonight a major change now for pelvic exams and abc's medical contributor dr. jenn ashton is
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with us, an ob/gyn herself is here to break it down. you were telling me this afternoon this is significant. >> it is, david, and here's why. this is coming from the american college of physicians. they're now recommending no annual pelvic exams for the average woman. this is for women who are average risk for cancer or other pelvic diseases who are not pregnant and having no symptoms. this test does not save lives and is not that good at picking up cancer. >> even though they're saying you can wait every three years, what are you telling your patients? >> i'm telling my patients that whether or not they come for that pelvic exam, they still need to come in for their yearly exam. it is a very important doctor/patient visit. >> jenn, thank you. now to brazil tonight and team usa. you'll remember that moment celebrating in the locker room after advancing to the next round. tonight team usa is gearing up for tomorrow's showdown and two giant questions here. will america's star player take the field and what about one of the refs? is he partial to the other team? abc's paula faris is in brazil
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for us again tonight. >> reporter: he's back. jozy altidore, team u.s.a's key striker, will be ready to play tomorrow against belgium after that devastating hamstring injury in the first game of the world cup. for team u.s.a., it's win or go home. but, the underdogs confident they can pull it off. >> we are hungry, we are hungry for more. >> reporter: as for that game, team u.s.a. is curious about the referee assigned to it, algeria's diamel halmoudi, and concerns of possible bias. remember, the u.s. knocked algeria out of the 2010 world cup. >> we hope it's not a concern. we wish that he continues his refereeing the perfect way he's done so far. is it a good feeling? no. >> reporter: meantime, world cup fever raging on. some fans, so anxious about the
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game, they're turning superstitious. >> what does that mean? >> whatever happens, happens. hopefully we can win. >> just a little number like this that puts a hex on the opposing team as they're about to make a kick. >> reporter: even u.s. captain clint dempsey's family with tricks of their own. >> we're wearing the same exact outfit to every game. we're getting superstitious. >> i wear the same shorts, get my face painted exactly the same way. >> reporter: the party is just getting started. they're coming from all across the globe. if team usa wins tomorrow, this celebration continues. >> root them on tomorrow for us. the big game tomorrow on our partner network, espn. in the meantime tonight here to that emergency landing we're learning more about, a flight from chicago to southern california. when an emergency slide deploys inside the cabin, passengers terrified. abc's david kerley on what happened next.
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>> reporter: look at that in the back of this united jet in flight, an evacuation slide just inflated. >> i heard a whoosh sound. >> inflated like an air bag inflates in a car. >> reporter: it deployed inside of the jet at 38,000 feet. frightening at first. >> the first thing that went through my mind is that the chute opened and it probably popped out the door. >> reporter: the back door of the 737 didn't open, but this is what an inflating slide actually looks like. think of all of that blowing up inside a jetliner. >> it's like a snake. at first it was kind of alarming. >> reporter: the chicago to southern california flight declared an emergency and headed for wichita, kansas with controllers asking about injuries. >> do you have any injuries from the deployment of that flight raft? >> everybody is fine. >> reporter: the force of inflation has pinned flight attendants, but in this case they had just started the beverage service, no one was waiting to use the bathroom, no
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one hurt, and passengers used the stairs to exit. david kerley, abc news, washington. >> david, thank you. still much more ahead on "world news" this monday night, the trucker taking on the police officer who pulled him over. >> you were driving recklessly. there are wet roads and you were on your cell phone. >> what the trucker says he caught the police officer doing. whose side will you be on? later outrage. what many of you are saying after learning facebook conducted on experiment on you without you even knowing. what did they do, coming up. shingles affected me tremendously as a pilot. the blisters and the pain in my scalp area and down the back of my neck was intense. it would have been virtually impossible in that confined space with the rash to move to change radio frequencies. i would just stop and literally freeze up. i mean it hurt. i couldn't even get up and drive let alone teach somebody and be responsible in an airplane. when my doctor told me that shingles came from the chickenpox virus i was very surprised.
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controls the bugs you don't see... and prevents... by keeping bugs out. the raid defense system... get the answers. beat the bugs. raid. kills bugs dead. scjohnson. a family company. finally, the purple pill, the #1 prescribed acid blocking brand. comes without a prescription for frequent heartburn. get complete protection. nexium level protection. now to that trucker pulled over by a police officer, outraged, telling that officer, you were the one in the wrong. here's abc's gio benitez. >> reporter: it seemed like a routine traffic stop, an illinois state trooper pulling over truck driver brian miner for honking his horn. listen to what happened next. >> i pulled you over for the horn. i don't know what that was about.
5:49 pm
>> you were speeding, you had your cell phone in your hand. >> reporter: police officers in ill now can talk on their cell phone while driving. the trooper says miner will pay for that honk but the trucker had a surprise. >> you're going to get a ticket for unlawful use of horn. >> by the way, you're being recorded. >> you are, too. >> reporter: the officer seemed caught off guard. >> you honked because you believed i was speeding. >> because you were driving recklessly. you're speeding. there are wet roads and you were on your cell phone. >> if i'm going 70 -- >> you were going well above 70. >> you don't know. do you have a radar? >> reporter: this is where everything changes. the trooper asks for miner's license and trucking logbook and takes it back to his own car. but when he comes back, well, the trooper is sounding a lot more friendly. >> i looked at your record. you got a ticket recently for one headlight or something it looks like. i didn't write you a ticket. i didn't want to hurt your record. >> reporter: all of a sudden the tables are turned. >> you were just trying to help me drive safely. i understand that.
5:50 pm
>> we're all out here sharing the same road. >> absolutely. >> you should be held accountable to the same standards i am. >> absolutely. >> reporter: and then as the trooper walked away, miner has the moral of the story. >> that's what happens when they know you're recording. >> reporter: tonight the state police investigating that recording, too. gio benitez, abc news, new york. when we come back here tonight, outraged. did facebook test something on you?
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finally tonight here we've all heard of 3-d movies but 4-d? your seat shaking, the storm, the smells literally hitting you. abc's nick watt with the earthquake hitting the theatre. >> reporter: 3-d is now officially old hat. this is 4-dx. there's wind, rain, even temperature change. your seat behaves like a malfunctioning massage chair. oh, and the odors. >> in that movie, there's definitely burning rubber, gun smoke. >> reporter: there are rules. no eating or drinking during intense scenes. no hot liquid, period. protect your clothing against wind, rain like conditions, bubbles and strong scents. oh, and do not sit on another's lap. >> you're a participant in the action and alongside some of these characters. >> reporter: the regal l.a. live is now one of just a handful of
5:58 pm
theaters in the u.s. bringing movie goers this fourth dimension. it's the latest gimmick after bars and theater, on site child care and dive in movies at a pool designed to keep us going to the movies at an age of declining tickets sales and so many entertaining options. and it's enthralling. although the movement is a little disconcerting in this town famed for earthquakes. so, what could possibly be next at the multiplex? actual actors up there in the flesh. hang on. wasn't that what shakespeare was doing 400 years ago? nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> nick always braver than the rest of us. for diane and all of us here, south bay wildfire forces people to evacuate their homes. >> triple digit temperatures are tapering off. there is concern of fire danger. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> summer weather and california drought. tonight some of the bay area's toughest water restrictions and
5:59 pm
the harshest penalties as well. >> secret experiments on your facebook page. a successful attempt to manipulate your emotions. >> from sky seven tonight an aerial fire drop, a blaze attacked quickly, aggressively as it spread. thanks for joining us i'm cheryl jennings. >> the conditions in the south bay took two firefighters out of the mix this afternoon they suffered heat-related injuries trekking up and down the foothills battling a blaze starting near curry drive see very little smoke in hills behind me. that is where the fire started and now, it's winding down. we're getting numbers that went
6:00 pm
to a four-alarm. ten people were evacuated but many left on their own. and as you said, two firefighters were treated for heat-related injuries. it's hot on the ground and there is a chance it will fair up, glenn. this was christopher's first fire. . >> i saw flames across the hill. >> were you scared? >> kind of. >> grass fires started just before 2:00 this afternoon. the fast-moving fire spread quickly down hill. his mom, jenny lives in a house in the path of the fire. >> within minutes we could see flames everywhere. in the hill just engulfed people were running out. and it's scary. >> it went quickly to a three-alarm. >> it's the onsetf


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